Rotomolded kayaks

Using the best grade of rotomolding polyethylene, our Cross-Max process combines by-design reinforcement with the natural mechanical qualities of HDPE to provide the right balance between stiffness, weight, durability, and quality of finish.

Thermoformed kayaks

Cross-Light construction perfectly combines the advantages of rotomolded and composite boats. It creates a boat that is up to 25% lighter, stiffer, and faster, and, let’s face it, that looks better than a comparable rotomolded boat. Meanwhile it is significantly tougher and more affordable than a comparable composite boat. With Cross-Light you get it all: lightweight, beautiful, tough, and durable.

Composite kayaks

Riot’s Bio-Fusion™ composite process reduces waste by allowing just the perfect amount of resin to enter the mold and adequately impregnate the cut-to-shape glass fabric, as well as carbon reinforcements strategically located in stress-prone areas. Kevlar reinforcements are also present at the bow and stern to absorb impacts and vibrations. Bio-Fusion™ produces light, stiff and strong high-quality kayaks, in an environmentally-friendly manner.