Edge 11 Thermo
Low on the water, the stable and agile Edge 11 literally feels like a shrunk-down sea kayak thanks to its progressive chine and a generous yet sleek outline. The integrated keel makes its hull stiff and the skeg lets it focus on destination, while the front deck rigging and rear watertight compartment take care of your belongings.
Edge 13 Thermo
With an eye-pleasing low deck profile so you don’t feel lost inside, and a package of features that would make any sea kayak blush with envy, the Edge 13 brings together harmony of shape and relevancy of features. Its hull offers a nice blend of primary and secondary stability, so you’ll be immediately comfortable in a boat that will grow with you.
Edge 14.5 Thermo
With its slender bow and slim deck profile, the rudder-equipped Edge 14.5 is where elegance and efficiency cross paths: it has just the right amount of chine and keel to make it track well, yet has a swift and versatile character. And to top it all off, it has most of the features serious sea kayaks call their own, minus the snobbishness.
Brittany 16.5 Thermo
Our proven, award-winning British-style sea kayak, the Brittany’s reputation speaks for itself: fast and agile, yet accessible to paddlers of all skills, its stability instantly makes you feel at ease while its moderate width makes it possible for expert paddlers to express all the subtlety that is possible to bring in fine sea kayak handling. Plenty of deck storage, a compass recess, lifelines and safety straps complete the package, maintaining respect to the tradition of elegance the Brittany belongs to.
Escape 12 Thermo
The Escape 12 is a remarkably stable boat that tracks very well for its size. Equipped with 2 rod holders and plenty of storage, it is ideal for fishing, diving or just having a good time on the water. With four attachment points mounted on independently adjustable straps, our comfortable high back and seat combo lets you customize your position to perfection in just a minute and stays put whatever the conditions.
Lite 12 Thermo
The flat bottom and low chines of the Lite 12 create a lot of stability, and a low draft that makes it fast, responsive and roomy enough to carry your gear for the day. With its front floatation bag, racy deck styling and bright finish, you’ll turn heads as if you were cruising down the main in a roadster!
TL 13 Thermo
Literally a short sea kayak, the Tourlite 13 has all it takes to travel far, minus the hassle of carrying and storing a long unit. Lifeline, front and rear deck rigging and large watertight compartments with flush deck covers enable you to safely stow all your gear while its rudder and multi-chine hull make it fast and agile, dodging waves just as well as his big brothers.
TL 15 Thermo
With a pronounced rocker, thin ends and multi-chine hull, the Tourlite15 has this lively style and hull speed you’d only expect from kayaks three feet longer. It’s very agile in rough conditions, yet glides effortlessly on mirror-like waters, but it’s not only a hull: with watertight compartments, deck rigging and safety straps, it’s got all it takes on top of the water for safe and convenient multi-day expeditions.
Liberty 16 Thermo
Built for speed, or for comfort? The answer is usually obvious, but not in this case: the Liberty can fly like a bullet, yet is amazingly comfortable to handle for entry-level paddlers. Shallow-v bottom and low chines provide that, and combined to a smooth outline, reduce the drag and make the waterline entry and exit as streamlined as can be. The low deck is fully equipped with lifelines, on-deck storage and this bright and classy finish that says: “Riot Cross-Light construction!
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