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Day Touring Kayaks

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Whitewater Kayaks

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Fishing and Impulse Pedal Drive Kayaks

Our kayak are made with the best material of industries

Using the best grade of rotomolding polyethylene, our Cross-Max process combines by-design reinforcement with the natural mechanical qualities of HDPE to provide the right balance between stiffness, weight, durability, and quality of finish.

Cross-Light construction perfectly combines the advantages of rotomolded and composite boats. It creates a boat that is up to 25% lighter, stiffer, and faster, and, let’s face it, that looks better than a comparable rotomolded boat. Meanwhile it is significantly tougher and more affordable than a comparable composite boat. With Cross-Light you get it all: lightweight, beautiful, tough, and durable.

Our new ultralight kayaks are meant to be just that: ultra light. We have reviewed every aspect of our Cross-Light construction with an emphasis on weight reduction. This gives us an additional 15-25% weight savings vs our cross light construction, which makes these the lightest kayaks in their category, bar none!

Stand out Features :

  • Rudder Equipped
  • Deck Rigging
  • Bulkheads
  • Safety Lines
  • Back Rest
  • Molded Seat


Length 10'4" ((3.15cm)
Width 36" (90cm)
Weight 56.4 lbs (28.5 kg)/ 67.7 lbs (34.85 kg)
Impulse Drive Weight 7.5 pounds
Max Displacement 470 lbs (213.2kg)
Inner Cockpit size inches (cm) NA
Outer Cockpit size inches (cm) NA
Cockpit Height (cm) NA
Béluga Skirt size NA


A Family of Brands :

Béluga Boréal Design Corran SUP


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