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Fishing and Impulse Pedal Drive Kayaks


Available colors :

The SUV of Kayaking has arrived in that our MKII delivers the performance and utility of a minivan. Without a doubt demands made by families have been met with the MKII, given its ability to provide paddlers with a dry ride even if the wind blows up on the lake or ocean. The ability to turn with ease also allows paddlers to utilize the MKII in difficult-to-navigate environments such as rivers and marshes, the favourite place for shermen to explore.

Stand out Features :

  • Tandem rudder system
  • Thermolite hatch cover
  • Front and rear sealed bulkheads
  • 6” front deck plate
  • Easy-track tunnel hull
  • Self Rescue Straps
  • New Flex Seat System


Length 14’7” (4.45m)
Width 27” (69.5cm)
Weight (ABS/UL) 76.6 lbs (34.8 kg)/ N/A
Max Displacement 500 lbs (226 kg)
Inner Cockpit size inches (cm) Rear 50x20.5" (127x52cm)
Outer Cockpit size inches (cm) Front 33.9x19.3" (86x49cm)
Cockpit height(cm) 35.56 cm
Béluga Skirt size Half-Skirt, Large

A Family of Brands :

Béluga Boréal Design Corran SUP


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