Quest series

The quest series is a set easy to paddle, maneuverable and store kayaks designed for families and beginners. At home on the cottage lake or easily transported on a car to a low current river, the Quest never disappoints and will last a lifetime with minimal care. All Quest kayaks are fully outfitted with comfortable seats, foot pegs, rod holders and sealed hatches.

quest 9.5


With its wide and stable double-arch hull design and roomy cockpit, the Quest 9.5 is the boat of choice for an exciting afternoon on the lake! The hull grooves can be credited for its tracking ……

quest 10


With its famous Greenland bow and arched multi-chine hull, the Quest 10 makes paddling effortless and exciting. A wide outline combined with a fine waterline make it stable yet gives it a lively feel……

quest 10 HV


The Quest 10 HV was designed for comfort and maneuverability. It comes with a convenient sealed bulkhead to keep your stuff dry, along with two rod holders and two cup holders. Combine that with……

The escape series is simple sit-on-top type kayak for paddler who wants to be able to get in and out  in a nick of time. One of the biggest advantages of sit-on-tops is that they are virtually unsinkable so they safe for younger children.

Escape 9


Stackable and easy to lock up through the molded-in front handle, the Escape 9 is the boat of choice for the cottage or to complement your rental fleet. Its arched hull design with drain holes make it a convenient, durable and….

Escape 12


The Escape 12 is a remarkably stable boat that tracks very well for its size. Equipped with 2 rod holders and plenty of storage, it is ideal for fishing, diving or just having a good time on the water. With four attachment points mounted on independently adjustable straps,….

Escapade duo


What do you prefer : a casual paddle under the sun with your better half, snorkeling along the reef, having a good laugh playing in the surf, or simply enjoying a quiet, solo paddle at sunset? Tough choice, isn’t it? Not anymore!….


The Intrigue series is a new for 2015 and all made with Cross-Light thermoformed construction. This makes them exceptionally fast and durable with a high gloss finish that will make a fiberglass sea kayak blush with envy. These kayaks are a joy to paddle and quite compact at 10 feet for the solos and 14.5 feet for the tandem. Great for small storage spaces or ease of transportation.



The Intrigue is a stable kayak easily stowed on small and large yachts alike. A ‘dry ride’ and spacious cockpit provide the paddler with a great experience making them wish for more. A large open cockpit……

Intrigue Sit on Top


The Intrigue Sit-on-Top is a light weight and accessible kayak that will help the whole family explore your local lake. With enough dry storage for a small trip, high stabiility and great speed, the Intrigue will surely……..



The SUV of Kayaking has arrived in that our MK II delivers the performance and utility of a minivan. Without adoubt demands made by families has been met with the MK II, given its ability to provide paddlers with a dryride even if the wind…….