Polarity 16.5

A surprisingly fast sit-inside tandem kayak perfect for camping

The fastest rotomolded tandem and amongst the shortest and easiest to handle, the Polarity has this distinctive catamaran hull that makes it quick, stable and durable all at once. Plenty of room for storage in the front and rear compartments, a full lifeline and lots of deck rigging complement this fun boat with a touch of safety and convenience.




  • Pilot Rudder system
  • Thermolite hatch cover
  • Easy-to-track tunnel hull
  • Advanced Contour-Fit Outfitting
  • Safety straps
  • Length : 16’6’’ (503 cm)
  • Width : 25.6’’ (65 cm)
  • Weight : 89.9 lbs (40.8kg)
  • Max disp.: 550 lbs (250 kg)
  • Cockpit size inches (cm): 32‘’ x 19’’ (81 x 48 cm)
  • Béluga Skirt size : Medium or Large