DEVIL FISH 12 Angler thermo

the best short fishing kayak.

The Devil Fish 12 Thermo is a new kind of sit-on-top kayak. With its catamaran-style hull and its dynamic two silencer blades, this boat is quick, tracks effortlessly, and gives you the feeling of stealth in approaching your favorite fishing hole. We managed to build in it extra protection for stiffness and durability without compromising its lightweight. It comes equipped with 4 rod holders, gear tracks, three sealed hatches, plenty of on-deck storage, and an ocean-view window. The Escape 12 Thermo is ideal for fishing, diving, or just having a good time on the water. The 2014 Escape 12 Thermo Angler will change the way you look at kayak fishing.




  • Pilot rudder system
  • Catamaran hull with Silencer blades
  • 6’’ deck plate storage
  • Rear Bungee well
  • 4 flush mount rod holders
  • 1 swivel rod holders
  • 2 feet of accessory track
  • Length : 11’11‘’ (364 cm)
  • Width : 29.9’’ (76 cm)
  • Weight : 51.4 lbs (23.3kg)
  • Max disp. : 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Béluga Skirt size : N/A
  • Cockpit sizing inches (mm) : Sit-on-top