Evasion 15.5

Our best fitness kayak

The Evasion has the distinctive concave multi-chine hull design that has led our kayaks in the durability hall-of-fame, but with the finesse it takes to keep up with the best reenlanders in terms of speed and tracking. Cap that with a low, sleek deck and plenty of rigging, and you’ve got a very functional and exciting unit.




  • Pilot Rudder system
  • Thermolite hatch cover
  • Easy to track tunnel hull
  • Advanced Contour Fit Outfitting
  • Safety straps
  • Length : 15′-3.6″ (466 cm)
  • Width : 24’’ (61 cm)
  • Weight : 64lbs (29.05kg)
  • Max disp.: 326 lbs (148 kg)
  • Cockpit size inches (cm): 32.3‘’ x 17.7‘’ (82 x 45cm)
  • Béluga Skirt size : Medium