Brittany 16

Learning the basics of sea kayaking has never been easier

Our proven, award-winning British-style sea kayak, the Brittany’s reputation speaks for itself: fast and agile, yet accessible to paddlers of all skills, its stability instantly makes you feel at ease while its moderate width makes it possible for expert paddlers to express all the subtlety that is possible to bring in fine sea kayak handling. Plenty of deck storage, a compass recess, lifelines and safety straps complete the package, maintaining respect to the tradition of elegance the Brittany belongs to.




  • Track-rite Skeg & Pilot Rudder  stearing combo
  • 3 sealed compartments : bow,  stern & day hatch
  • Recess compass mount
  • High Performance Contour Fit Outfitting
  • Safety straps
  • Length : 15′-9.6″ (482 cm)
  • Width : 20.9 (53 cm)
  • Weight : 51.4 lbs (23.3kg)
  • Max disp.: 348 lbs (158 kg)
  • Cockpit size inches (cm): 35’’ x 20.9’’ (89 x 53 cm)
  • Béluga Skirt size : XL