DEVIL FISH Tandem Angler thermo

The lightest and most versatile sit-on-top tandem made for fishing

The NEW Escape2+ Thermo with rudder is now able to boast the best price,best features and best performance for the fishing-oriented paddler. With the Cat-style hull and dynamic sliencer blades, the fish will not hear you coming .The feature-rich angler version allows the paddlers to make customizations according to their needs. Added to this versatile package is the ability to remove all three seats and reconfigure for aslt water trophies. The sea-worthy design and glossy finishof the Escape2+ Angler thermo is unique to Riot Kayaks,leaders in the world of recreational kayaking.




  • Catamaran rudder system
  • Catamaran hull with Silencer blades
  • Stand up fishing
  • 3 Thermolite hatch cover
  • Rear Bungee well
  • Multiple seating configuration
  • NEW sit-on-top seating
  • 4 flush mount rod holders
  • 2 swivel rod holders
  • 4 feet of accessory track
  • Rear trolling motor ready
  • Length : 14’6’’ (442 cm)
  • Width : 32.3’’ (82 cm)
  • Weight : 60 lbs (27.2kg)
  • Max disp. : 500 lbs (226 kg)
  • Cockpit sizing inches (mm) : Sit-on-top
  • Béluga Skirt size : N/A