Welcome to the world of riot kayaks

With Riot kayaks you can experience the world from a different perspective; be it a quiet ride, a day on the water, a long trip, or conquering a bigger river and everything that lies in between.We also believe that the equipment you use matters because these precious moments should be enjoyed with a craft that doesn’t compromise on quality, gear, or safety. That is why, in virtually all the products we offer at any price point, you will find that our boats are better designed and better equipped.

This year we are also launching an extensive line of thermoformed kayaks for people that are looking for lighter, faster, and, let’s face it, nicer boats. We will also seek to connect better with our customers via online tools and our website so that we can ensure people are getting the most out of our products and by extension their experience. With that in mind, get out there and enjoy!

The Riot Team